January 22, 2016

Waste Management

Waste management if one of the key competence areas at INORA. We are at the fore front of research and development in composting, vermi-composting and mechanised composting technologies and have a full range of services and products to meet a wide scale of applications in both urban and rural environments. With over 25 years of experience in earthworm biotechnology, we are proud to have conceptualised, implemented and maintained decentralised composting projects for individuals, housing complexes, public and private institutions, gated communities, industries and municipal corporations.
INORA has developed innovative home based business models around waste management in the form of Satellite Centers to promote best practices in waste management, developed a Social Entrepreneurship Model to promote waste management as a dignified, attractive and empowering career option.

INORA has since its inception focused on technologies of composting, vermicomposting and vermi-biofiltration.

Our overall Waste Management Service Profile

Scope of Vermicomposting Services

Scope of Vermi-Bio Filtration Services

Technologies used by us in waste processing

Some of our Noteworthy projects:

INORA’s Impact

INORA’s Rural Waste Management Interventions

Rural Agro Waste Management

Social Benefits of Waste Management

Composting Projects