March 9, 2016

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Presentation:Dashparni Ark is available in a liquid form containing concentrates of Karanj Ark , Neem Ark , Kanher Ark , Rui Ark , Tantani Ark , Papaya Ark, Custard apple Ark , Nirgudi Ark , Zendu Ark , Drumstick Ark

Recommended crops:All crops

Dosage:1 lit in 10 lit water

Method of Application:

  • Mix 1lit Dashparni Ark in 10 lit water. (For high intensity disease use 8 ltr water)
  • Add 5 gm soap powder in it.
  • Mix thoroughly & spray on plants.
  • Repeat the spray after 8 days interval.

Shelf life:6 months

Packaging:500 ml/1 ltr bottles.