January 22, 2016

Volunteering Opportunities

Decentralised Solid Waste Management / Vermi-Composting / Composting

1.Surveying Housing Complexes for Installation of Vermicomposting Projects

Background: Due to shut down of landfill sites in Pune, the Pune Municipal Corporation has made it mandatory for all housing complexes to treat their wet garbage in-house. INORA is already servicing more than 200 housing complexes around Pune and setting up projects that are ensuring more than 30,000 kg per day of organic waste is treated in-situ through vermicomposting. We are looking for volunteers who can assist us in surveying housing complexes in Bavdhan and collection data for us to begin projects at these locations.

Location: Pune, ideally volunteers who live in Bavdhan, Baner, Balewadi would be preferred.

Volunteer Profile: Students, active retired citizens, professionals who would like to involve themselves in a social activity for a few hours a week, house-wives or even entire volunteer groups! All it requires is a passion to make a serious social impact. Knowledge of Marathi is a great advantage.

Time Commitment: Surveying requires visiting housing complexes and collecting data for setting up projects. Volunteers who have more time on hand could spend 2-3 hours a day, else a time schedule can be designed based on availability and convenience.

Support from INORA: Training in surveying, exposure to composting and waste management. Certificate from INORA for volunteering in waste management.

Benefits: Be part of significant social impact in ensuring a clean Pune from the perspective of garbage management and learn composting in the bargain.

INORA Contact: Anil Gokarn

2. Blogging and Facebook Volunteer

Background: INORA is working on several socially relevant projects in organic farming, waste management in both urban and rural areas. We are developing and implementing waste management methods in various villages around Pune, engaging with rural schools for setting up toilets, converting farmers from chemical farming into organic. INORA also has several innovative products designed for home and large scale composting and waste management. We have a lot of interesting stories to tell and experiences to share, but have no resources to do it. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are experts at Blogging, Content Writing, Facebook and web-based presentation who can support us in getting these stories out to a larger awareness by maintaining our Blog and Facebook page.

Location: Anywhere in Pune.

Volunteer Profile: Students, Professionals in Web-designing, Web promotion, IT professionals or anyone who is a passionate blogger and loves urban farming / gardening, organic farming / composting and cares immensely for the environment. Ideally candidates should have exposure to WordPress / Facebook, etc., have strong communication and web presentation skills to inspire a wider audience to join and participate in our activities. Candidates required for both English and Marathi presentation.

Time Commitment: Once a week visit to INORA Bavdhan office for 2-3 hours to collect interesting stories of projects being undertaken by INORA and which needs to be presented on our blog and Facebook.

Support from INORA: Entertaining and impactful articles and stories from both rural and urban projects undertaken by INORA. If volunteer would like to work in INORA office, office support will be provided. Certificate from INORA for volunteering in a social initiative.

Benefits: Be part of significant social impact in promoting INORA’s image around the city and thereby ensuring a clean Pune from the perspective of garbage management and learn composting in the bargain.

INORA Contact: Anil Gokarn

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