March 9, 2016


IVEM (Inora’s Very Efficient Microbes)

For the waste management composting of organic waste is the best option. In the composting process biochemical reaction of different microorganisms carries out degradation of organic matter to produce compost. In organic waste all the necessary elements required for plant growth are present but they are not in a form which can plant take up. If we use IVEM for degradation of organic matter, he rate of degradation increases & are converted in to substances which can be taken by the plants. For proper degradation aeration & moisture % should be maintained properly.

IVEM is available in a liquid form contains strains of P-Solubilizing Bacteria, Lactic acid bacteria, Actinomycetes, N-fixing bacteria,Cellulose degrading bacteria,Yeast

CFU Count:1×108

Dosage:1 liter in 100 liter water

Method of Application:

For dry waste composting: M1 lit IVEM solution diluted with 100 lit water & then spray this mixture on moist heap.

For food waste composting: Waste should be covered with dry leaves before spraying IVEM .

For growth promoting: Prepare 1:20 dilution of IVEM in water & spray on crops before flowering.


  1. For composting: All types of biodegradable waste.
  2. For Growth promoting: All crops.

Shelf life(Carrier/Liquid): 6 months

Packaging: 500ml/ 1lit in bottles. Other packing is Available on request.