March 9, 2016

Decomposition Culture

INORA Decomposition Culture

In the composting process, biochemical reactions of different micro-organisms carry out the degradation of organic matter to produce compost. INORA’s Decomposition Culture is made using a combination of fungii & microbes, which break down organic matter by attacking cellulose & thus initiating composting activity & humus formation.

Product Description:
INORA Decomposition Culture is available as easily wettable powder containing virulent strains of Trichoderma viride, Aspergillus avamori, Penicillium fusarium, Bacillus megatherium, Bacillus polymixa.

CFU Count:for Carrier 5×107 & for Liq. 1×108

Recommended: All types of Biodegradable waste.

Dosage:1 kg for 500 kg bio-degradable waste

Method of Application:
Mix 1 kg of Decomposition Culture with 10 kg dung slurry. Prepare a heap of waste material up to 6-8 inches high. Spray the above mixture onto the heap. In a similar manner an additional 6-8 layers can be loaded above the 1st layer. Spread slurry on each layer.

Shelf life(Carrier/Liquid): 6 months / 1 Year

Packaging: 500 g / 1 kg in LDPE bags and Liquid 1 ltr. Bottles.