November 10, 2016

Composting Box

INORA’s composting box is a versatile way to start managing wet waste on site for both small and large communities alike.



  • INORA’s Composter Box processes 10 kg per day of un-shredded kitchen waste.
  • The unit measures 5’x3’x3’ and comes with a lid, aeration holes on the sides & drain at the bottom for draining away moisture and compost wash.
  • The unit is made of light Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and comes with an MS frame for added strength and is fully self-sufficient.


  • The box can be positioned at any suitable location and is also movable.
  • It is ideally suited for setup on terraces. This helps in space efficiency. Terrace area need not be waterproofed.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of daily use.
  • Due to modular design, multiple boxes can be combined together to meet larger composting needs. With 10 boxes in combination with a shredder, 100 kg of waste can be processed in a day.
  • A single box can meet the processing requirements of up to 12 households.
  • When combined with a kitchen waste shredder unit, up to 15 kg per day can be processed in the same unit.

Setup Procedure:

  • The unit can be setup at any convenient location where waste is to be composted including on terraces.
  • After location is identified, composting layers are setup inside the unit starting at the bottom with coconut shells, coconut husk, fibres or dried garden / agro waste, vermicompost bedding material, cow dung and earthworms.
  • Option of bio composting without the use of earthworms is also available.
  • After setup the bedding layers have to be soaked completely with water.
  • The layers are allowed to settle for a day, after which loading of fresh waste can start.

Daily Use of Composting Box:

  • The area inside the box should be divided into 4 equal quandrants.
  • One quadrant is elected for the first day.
  • With a garden rake, the top bedding layer is removed to the side with an intention to bury the fresh waste.
  • Segregated wet waste (max. 10 kg only) is loaded and spread out into as thin a layer as possible.
  • Some of the bedding material removed is mixed uniformly with the fresh waste.
  • A teaspoon of INORA’s Decomposition Culture and a teaspoon of INORA’s Trichoderma Culture is spread evenly on the fresh waste.
  • INORA’s IVEM solution is then sprayed over the entire area of the fresh waste.
  • After this operation, the removed bedding material is used to cover the fresh waste evenly in a manner that no fresh material is exposed. This prevents fly activity.
  • The next day, the next quadrant is used for loading of waste.
  • In this manner a cyclical loading pattern is followed for the next 3-4 months, after which enough compost will be available for harvest.

Optional Accessories:

  • INORA recommends the use of a 1 HP kitchen waste shredder machine for a higher quality and texture of compost. With this, decomposition of waste becomes quicker. At the same time, the waste processing capacity increases from 10 kg per day to 15 kg per day.
  • 2 HP and 3 HP shredder models are also available for higher waste quantities.
  • Tools such as Garden Rake, Spray Bottle, Gloves & Mask can be used for daily operation.

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