January 22, 2016

Our Impact

  • 3,000+ individual waste composting projects
  • 400+ community composting projects operational
  • 6 teams of social entrepreneurs operational all over Pune.
  • Project at KK Market for Pune Municipal Corporation treating 500 kg per day over the last 3 years
  • Installed city farming composter planters in 35+ schools in Pune.
  • Sensitized 70,000+ citizens
  • Converting 19 tons per day of kitchen waste only at housing societies. This represents 50% of all waste treated in housing societies in Pune.
  • 19 tons per day generates 86 tons per month of compost, whose value is conservatively approx. 3.4 lacs.
  • 6 tons per day on individual projects.
  • More than 100 students trained through Master Composters training.
  • At 25 tons per day in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limits, saves PMC an investment of about 8 crores and almost 80 lacs per month in operation and maintenance costs.
  • Additional saving of about 54 lacs per year in transport costs and 1.3 crores per year on tipping fees if the equivalent waste in mixed condition had to be delivered for treatment at a centralised facility.
  • More than 45 tons per day additionally in rural and agricultural waste management.
  • A total of more than 65 tons per day of waste being converted into value